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(no subject) [Nov. 17th, 2006|08:45 pm]
From: EO
Sent: Tuesday, November 14, 2006 7:34 PM
Subject: Toward 2,000

Dear Friend,

For another day Maharishi continued us all on feelings of celebration and observations about having hit the target, asking now that only ‘#1’ experiencers offer their comments (#1 experience means the experience of infinite wholeness moving within itself, divine Unity in terms of emptiness or visa versa, etc., the leading experience category. Aside from experience categories, one CP who is an exec at The Raj reported that the Raj has been transformed by the Course, with more clients than rooms rather than the other way around, and new clients mostly wanting to learn how to meditate instead of not, as had been the case for years. Sometimes now, new clients stop the Intro after 15-20 minutes and and say, ‘Sign me up,’ which hadn’t been happening before. She said the mood there is of a new world, an atmosphere that stays refreshed and holistic, like wholeness moving within itself. An experiencer from the Men’s Dome whom Maharishi seemed to particularly respect ten days ago
then gave a detailed, rich, substantial account of his celestial perception of a tremendous blossoming structure of totality inside the Dome, with a distinct and powerful further establishment taking place on the Day of Awakening recently (Deva Prabodhini Ekadashi), and spreading all around the world and back. It was a reminder that something significant really often happens on the quantum mechanical level on the Vedic holidays.

Dr. John then announced that stocks around the world have taken off, in response to the US growth that began July 23, the day Invincible America began. Stock markets throughout both Asia and Europe have unexpectedly set all-time highs this past week, and analysts, wondering why, are beginning to speak of a world-wide period of continuing growth. Consumer spending and optimism are both continuing to increase. His point was that the general and deep turnaround of the US the past few months is now clearly influencing the whole world. He then went into a little more
detail about the Philadelphia Inquirer and Minneapolis Star Tribune articles of yesterday, again saying that he hadn’t known the Philly paper to publish a positive article about anything in decades and now a truly innocent and hopeful appreciation of Governor Bill Sands’ Peace Palace plans for the area and the world. Minneapolis, much closer to national Group Program, showed an even more advanced article: it was about how the good vibes from the IA Course were raising the stock market and economy as a whole, expressed without doubts or hesitation, just simply ‘this is what’s happening,’ as Barron’s had two months ago.

I noticed in both articles no mention of scientific research. I’ve heard that Maharishi once said that ideas don’t become popular on the basis of scientific research, they become popular on the basis of fashion. One can tangibly see that the Unified Field and Maharishi’s technologies are now beginning to come into fashion, become popular, without even reference to research, although Dr. Hagelin’s scientific credentials are often cited. The research is probably very good for institutionalizatio n and scientific opinion leaders. The Unified Field was mathematically and theoretically established only about twenty years ago and it’s time for it to be spreading among the educated people around the world. Science has just proved spirituality, and all-pervading oneness is actually a relatively simple and easy concept for many people, easier to understand than quantum mechanics, which was discovered in the 20s and still hasn’t come into general awareness. The Raj exec who spoke said
that one of the people she just instructed responded to her mention of a unified field of consciousness, that’s just what she began experiencing in her meditation.

We’ve been around 1450 the past few evenings. When numbers were higher, many more people came because there was a sense, maybe we can take it over the top. Pandits haven’t come for almost a week except for ten, and both 112 and 113 are being simultaneously readied now. There’s a pause. I get the feeling that 160 in those two frats and 65 new CIC flyers are going to kick in about the same time within the next week or ten days. Adding that to our recent high of 1578 = 1823. Adding it to our average pm total of 1450 the past few evenings = 1695, which would bring in at least another 50 or so people to be over national superadiance in one locale. Perhaps the thinking is not to gradually approach national superadiance in one locale, but to take a larger step in a shorter period of time, and not go over and under, back and forth for a while, but be over that number easily in a consistent manner, on the way to the 2,000 that Maharishi has his sights set on. Over a decade ago,
2,000 was the goal for an extended period of time, the previous name of the local volunteer group 8,000 NOW was 2,000 NOW!. Maharishi is focused on 2,000, Now.

A good-looking golden tan covering with one small peep hole in each section is going up now on the temporary fence around the Pandit Compound, which is going to stretch soon from 111 at the far south end of the frats all the way to 152 at the far north end, and include some buildings of both rows, seven of the fourteen frats. This covering gives a spiffy, much improved look. As I walked over from the Dome this evening to Annapurna, I heard from a distance some recorded devotional tunes rockin and arollin from inside. It’s a different world in there, having its own indirect transformational influence that is in fact glorious. A large settlement of Maharishi Vedic Pandits is putting down permanent roots in the USA, getting really settled in, with its own collective consciousness, and is in the process of rising to a Sahasrashirsha Pandit Purusha for the nation, which will combine with the US Sahasrashirsha Invincible Americans and other guests from around the world to create
200% for you and me and everybody else, including animals and plants.

Dr. Bevan as if in anticipation finished today’s call with an appeal to the meditating families of Fairfield and Maharishi Vedic City to open their hearts and homes even more for more IA Course Participants, at least until the many homes for CPs planned and begun are finished. Right now, there are 89 housing options posted on http://mum.edu/ forum/. Twenty-nine employment opportunities are currently listed on the quite beautiful and very professionally structured http://idealcommuni tyjobs.com. Even in Autumn, the buds are blossoming into the flower and fruit. They just can’t wait.
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 2006|02:56 pm]
I'm here to help the community "tmsidhis" get started. We're all about discussing the results of TM, TM in the schools, meditating in the dome, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Maharishi Ayurved, or anything related. So if you do TM sidhis, or have an interest in them, please feel free to post in that group.
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